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Lost My Car Keys: What Can I Do?

If you’re a driver, it’s a likely scenario that you’ve misplaced or lost your keys more than once. Just looking through the regular haunts can cost you plenty of time and frustration. Most drivers are fortunate in that they can locate their keys after a thorough search. But, what if you don’t find them?

You may feel irritated, annoyed, and start to wonder, “Have I really lost my car keys?”. If you confirm that they are indeed lost, here are our top four tips on what you should do:

1. The first step is to keep yourself calm and to avoid panicking. Be reasonable and try to give yourself time to think. Screaming “I lost my car keys!” over and over again is not a reasonable solution. Some drivers try to take a DIY approach to this fix, and it’s advisable not to do so under any circumstances.

One of the most common mishaps is that drivers break the ignition or even replace it, adding to the upfront costs associated with the mistake. Even if you may get your ignition to turn, keep in mind that most cars have an anti-theft system that can block the car from moving.

2. Calling the dealer is always the second step that most drivers logically take. Though it makes sense, it can also be the most expensive choice in comparison to calling a locksmith. Dealers can only help if you’re willing to pay for car towing and factor in the costs of a new key. If your car is an older model, the dealer may not even have the tools or information to manufacture a new key.

3. The much safer and cheaper option is to find a local locksmith residing in your area. The right locksmith can not only help you by manufacturing a new key, but he will be able to program it to work with your car. Locksmiths use state-of-the-art technology and their machinery is infinitely more sophisticated than what can be found in a hardware store. That doesn’t mean they charge a lot, as their pricing is competitive and significantly less than what you would expect to pay at a dealership.

4. Now that you’ve admitted you lost your keys and are ready to have them made to your specifications, make sure that you can provide the locksmith with important bits of information. You will need to tell or show him:

-The make, model, year, and VIN number of the car

-Proof of car ownership

-Current ID and car registration papers

Did your old key have some built-in fancy features? If so, not to worry as locksmiths can often replicate features such as proximity remotes in smart keys and transponder chips. There’s also the possibility that your trusted locksmith can repair or replace your ignition if you harmed it using the DIY approach.

Losing a car key is nothing to panic about, and though a replacement can cost you, it will be nothing compared to getting a new key from the dealer!

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